The House Band – Summer Camp!

Meet the Teachers: Noah Brantley & Shawn Sandfort

Noah Brantley Bio

Noah is a working musician with experience in R&B, Classic Rock, Gospel, CCM, Country, and Blues. He has played bass for the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Worship Team “As We Go,” the Brake Tyme Band, the Hometown Hollywood Band, and the Gone Coastal Band. Noah also serves with his church’s worship team at Holly Grove Baptist. He is a multi-instrumentalist specializing in bass guitar with knowledge of keyboard, guitar, and drums. Besides helping launch our inaugural “House Band” program at The Music House, he has also taught piano and guitar this past year at the studio. Noah is currently a student at Liberty University, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music in their online degree program.

Shawn Sandfort Bio

Shawn is a local musician and teacher who has a passion for performance and all things musical. Homeschooled all his life, he was encouraged to pursue his musical talents, which includes a rare ear for perfect pitch. Shawn has been teaching drums and bass for the last two years, and has a variety of public performance experience, including jazz band, rock bands, open mic nights, and even classical music ensembles. As far as his teaching philosophy, Shawn says: “I believe that passion and dedication is what defines a good musician. Whether teaching theory, technique, or ear training, I want to make sure my student has fun with what they are doing and want to keep coming back excited and hungry to learn. I also believe that ear training is extremely important and should be taught thoroughly.”